Get Involved


It doesn’t matter if you know nothing or everything about satellite system, everyone is welcome to attend meetings, work on projects and contribute to our space discussions. ECOSat is more of a team than a club, we won’t always have an answer to “what is there to do”, we hope that by hanging around, you will get an idea of what there is to do, and get pro-active! That being said we will have large projects that we are working on that you are encouraged to participate in. We will go through a few steps that will get you up to speed with the rest of the team in no time.

Inter Team Communications

For more general meetings, we will send out emails via our mailing list which you can join here. For general chat about specific systems and smaller project meetings, we use Slack. For technical documents, you can join our Box, which is like dropbox. In the box you will find a load of documentation that can help you figure out what is going on in a particular system.

To join our slack chat and Box, send an email to one of the leads found on the Contact Us page.


The first step in catching up with the technical information would be to read through the CDR (Critical Design Review). Next would be to check out the requirement documents which will give you an idea of the constraints our requirements our systems must adhere to.

A lot of our technical files can be found on the SVN, if you’re not sure what that is, I recommend you watch this video.  Again, if you would like access to the SVN, send an email to one of the team leads found on our Contact Us page.


If you would like to come sit through a meeting, Check out our calendar for upcoming meeting dates, or listen in on slack for when meetings are happening.