Team Members

Jebediah Kerman

Jebediah Kerman (Jeb) – Team Mascot, ELW A221 supervisor

Jebediah started life as a small Beta fish, but through fate or possibly an impulsive purchase he joined the ECOSat team to watch over those working in the ECOSat design room providing inspiration and encouragement. So far Jeb has provided a memorable apathetic stare to those working and relaxing in the room. Unbeknownst to most, Jeb grew up in the streets of New York making a living rap battling locals for money. Very rarily did he lose, and when he did, his opponents would often wake up to find their pillowcases filled with bees.

Graham Looney – Project ManagerGraham-Bio

Graham Looney is a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Victoria, pursuing a bachelors of arts in political science with a minor in business. After being wilfully roped into a meeting by his engineering obsessed roommate, Graham joined ECOSat in 2014 and began working as an outreach and social media coordinator, and was elected as project manager in 2015. With a background in club management and leadership development, and a passion for space technology, Graham’s roles in ECOSat include project scheduling, resource allocation, communications, and outreach. Graham’s academic interests include law, foreign policy, geography, organizational behaviour, and most of all, analyzing esoterically convoluted research articles. Outside his academic environment Graham is interested in technology, backpacking, and alpine skiing. With his involvement in the ECOSat projects, Graham hopes to promote the space and technology industries in Canada, especially for university students and younger generations.


Austin Wulff – Chief Engineer ECOSat III

Although not achieving his lifelong goal of becoming an NBA all star, Austin has still managed to lead a fulfilling life studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Victoria and working on satellites with ECOSat. Joining ECOSat in 2014, Austin began to understand the trickery that is orbital dynamics and the cruel radioactive wasteland called outer space. As his interest in systems engineering grew, Austin took on Chief Engineer for ECOSat-III. Working with a team of cut throat engineers has helped Austin develop the skills necessary to help design and build all the systems necessary to launch a satellite. Outside of engineering Austin enjoys surfing, skimboarding and pottery.

Alex Doknjas

Alexander Doknjas – Lead Electrical Engineer ECOSat III

Alexander Doknjas is the lead Electrical Engineer for ECOSat III. Alexander is a 3rd year Electrical/Computer Engineering student at the university of Victoria. Alexander has been on the ECOsat team for 9 months prior and has recently stepped up to fill the lead electrical engineering position. Alexander is interested in Digital and Embedded systems, with a focusing on aerospace and defense applications. Personal interests and hobbies include being an engineering student with no free time, riding mountain bikes, photography, playing Texas hold’em, and spending lots of time realizing building satellites is hard.


Joshua Rodriguez – Lead Communications ECOSat III

Joshua Rodriguez is the lead Communications Engineer for ECOSat III. Josh is completing his final courses for his degree in Microbiology while continuing a second degree in Computer Science, both at the University of Victoria. Ever since his uncle took him for a first-hand look at the Deep Impact spacecraft in the clean room of Ball Aerospace & Technologies, he had immense interest in aerospace and the cosmos. Starting with small embedded systems and Software Defined Radios, Josh obtained the basics of electronics and wireless communications. Now, with ECOSat III, Josh is able to combine his knowledge and interest to produce a project with real-world applications. When he is not working on projects, Josh enjoys playing guitar and hiking with his dog Archer.

Daniel McIlvaney

Daniel finished his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of Victoria in 2014 and is currently a graduate student in Computer Science. A long standing interest in space exploration and a developing interest in embedded and real time systems made ECOSat a perfect fit. Daniel also has many varied interests from video games to physics and earth and ocean sciences.





Afzal Suleman – Faculty Advisor

Prof. Afzal Suleman is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Center for Aerospace Research at the University of Victoria. He has been the ECOSAT team’s faculty advisor since its inception in 2010. Along with teaching aircraft design at UVic, he also supervises a variety of other research projects on Unmanned Air Vehicles. He is an alumni of the International Space University (‘ 92). Other areas of research currently include Computational and Experimental Mechanics, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Active Aeroelastic and Morphing Aircraft Structures, Aeronautics and Space, and Ocean Energy and Technology.