Vibration Testing at the Canadian Space Agency

This summer, the UVic ECOSat Satellite Design Club attended the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge in Ottawa Ontario, where they had the pleasure of attending the David Florida Research Laboratory, the primary testing facility for the Canadian Space Agency.

ECOSat vibration-tested their satellite alongside many other universities, including École Polytechnique from Montreal, UMSATS from the University of Manitoba, and ORBIT from the University of British Columbia. ECOSat is thrilled with the results from testing, which focused on a new “backplane” internal component layout.

Moving forward into the next round of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, The UVic Satellite Design club is seeking new members from all disciplines to join, design, build and test the many systems that will be essential for the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, as well as other projects including an armature radio ground station and an even smaller satellite!

If you are interested in joining the University of Victoria Satellite Design club, please check out the “get involved” page at

-Graham Looney


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